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Falling On Deaf Ears

You don't want to Hurt me..See how deep the bullet lies...

*the* BoUrGeOiS PiG
5 May 1976
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jooolz was here, but now she's gone? i left my name to turn you on.

VANITY. Does an LJ good.

if you ever meet me, and you can't remember my name, think of salad. Julienne Salad. or potatoes. Julienne Potatoes. etc..etc..

i do have a website, mainly dedicated to the modeling stuff....but its currently down. Need a local web person to help me get it back up! I am not computer savvy by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone up for the challenge?

pictures of jooolz' friends list!

what can i possibly say about myself besides the fact i fuckin' rule and you should all worship me??! but back on planet earth, i like stuff...and things.

i am a fun loving, cool, funny, and sexxxy woman who loves to travel, drink red wine, see my friends, hang out with my animals ( i am a giant animal lover), and enjoy this sometimes disappointing role called Life. I roll with the punches, and i am very laid back. I try to lead a life that is relatively drama and stress free. doesn't make me an interesting person, but it makes me honest. DAMNIT.

and here are some photos:

(Dancing with my new dolphin friend in Mexico!)

(Me in Las Vegas Oct. 2005- at our room in the Luxor)

(My awesome cousin Geoff and I in White Rock , BC)

(My cousin Jenn - who I live with- and I in White Rock, BC)

(Monika, Me, and Julie. two of my grrrlz that i love - and there are many - at the Electric Six show)